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Why did US Customs and Border Protection stop collecting DNA from?

Because everyone gets due process : just because you make a law or in this case , more accurately an executive order doesn't make it legal. U fortunately for many we have somepesky problems with the way America is set up. First having been oppressed by royal edicts the founding fathers were not so in favor of a powerful state control Second with a large percentage of northern settlers freeing persecution the people did not believe government should give people rights but that the government was to benefit the people Third these ideas stuck us with pesky due process Fourth , DNA can not be collected none voluntarily with out probable cause .because it can lead to 5th amendment problems thus you have 4th amendment problems with just collecting it for the sake of collecting it . Worse of the evidence is tainted in anyway it makes any fact finding or prosecution based on its collection disallowed . Stupid balance of power and due process why should people from poor countries have it , for that matter why should it apply to anyone who makes less than high six figures . Also when are we going to get rid of probably cause doesn't it really just make more problems than it solves . We all know if you might be guilty of one thing then you are probably guilty of other things , the French has it right just build an island prison and lock people up when you don't like them. They should all be just happy to be allowed to eat bread and drink water : Maria's Antoinette for President 2020!

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