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My F1 visa was by mistakenly withdrawn and then cancelled at port of?

I am a student at Texas A&M University Kingsville, admitted in spring 2016 for Masters in Mechanical Engineering. The journey of Masters started when my flight arrived at Newark International Airport (port of entry) on 15th January 2016. At the time of immigration, the US Customs and Border Protection officials took me to secondary and there they interrogated me for around 6 hours. They asked me to go back to India as I had not paid the tuition fees prior to arriving in USA. Then they cancelled my US visa and booked my return tickets to India. And then they called the university to check whether I am a bonafide student or not. The university then confirmed that I am a registered student at the university and also explained them that the students are advised to pay the fees when they come to college, register their particular subjects, clear all the advising formalities and then pay the bill amount that is generated. At that time the officer was convinced and realized his mistake. He apologized for the same and gave me I-193, which stated that it is a temporary visa and I need to get a new visa whenever I go back to India. I was very happy then. He then went ahead and booked my next flight to Houston. Now, I have completed my 1st semester (Spring 2016) with a good GPA of 3.66 and also received a scholarship for summer semesters. After completing my 1st semester successfully, I came back to India for my elder sisters wedding. I had completed the registration of subjects for my summer semesters prior to leaving and was about to return to the university on the 5thof June 2016. As I was advised to take a new visa whenever I went back to India, I took an appointment on the 19th May and where I was rejected under section 214(b). I again applied on 8th June where it was again rejected under the same section. I reapplied on 15th June and received rejection yet again. Finally, I tried one more time on the 7th July 2016, and I was once again denied the visa. At this point, completing my Masters with excellent grades and a good GPA is the most important thing for me. If this problem does not get sorted Ill have to leave my studies mid-way after investing a big amount so far.? Does any one have any advises or suggestions regarding this?

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