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Why are US Customs & Border protection agents at airports so?

Hahahah. Or as my Spanish friends say, Jajajajaja. Yeah. No. Youre insane. Ive flown in and out of a few dozen countries over the past five years. Israel? Way more rude. Germany? Cold and mechanical. Dublin? Okay, fine. Yeah. They were super nice (until you get to the American wing of their airport where you go through customs before flying to the US). Canada? Honestly, not any better. Where else? Mexico? First off, while I know that the former Mexican president wasnt popular, that country NEEDS a new fucking airport like a decade ago. Jeezis tap dancing Chrise! Ugh. And to top it off, super slow, super inefficient and not the nicest people. I remember Colombians being very nice. Spanish, French and British, customs are about on par with the US. Know why all of this is kind of true? Because its a really REALLY boring job. I mean, for eight to ten hours per day, they stand there looking at bags, stamping passports and asking the same six questions to every person who walks by. Eventually they become dull and mechanical. Instead of being bothered by that, I try to understand why the job wears them down and respect what kind of pressures they face. But still, Ive yet to experience truly hospitable customs outside of Ireland.

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