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How can I get from my hotel in Springfield, VA, to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)?
While Uber or a taxi may be the most convenient methods, I find that the Metro is the best option. Most hotels in Springfield, VA pra shuttle bus from/to the Franconia/Springfield Metro stop. From Reagan National Airport, the Metro fare will be either $3.25 (off-peak) or $4.20 (peak) and the ride itself takes about 20 minutes. Metro is pretty straightforward. You must buy a paper ticket when you first get to the Metro station. Also, make sure you check the destination of the train (located on various information displays in the station, on the front and sides of the train) before getting on. Most likely you'll take a Blue line train to Franconia-Springfield, however, during rush hour some Yellow line trains serve Franconia-Sprintfield, too.Oh, and as Anthony mentioned earlier, please stand on the right of the escalator :-)You can check the WMATA website (Metro - Home page) for more details.
Why doesn't Air Force One fly in and out of Reagan National Airport?
I have been in LAX and ORD at the time AF-1 was on the ground. There are a couple of things that would make AF-1 at Dulles not a very welcome customer.There is a freeze which takes effect in ATC within a perimeter. Everybody not on the ground when it comes into effect will be vectored away until AF1 is airborne. There would be some real unhappy airline execs when the fuel bills for the extra time aloft, the overhead for crew and the complaints and compensation for missed flights hit their bottom line.There is also something called a”ramp freeze” when everything on the airport that doesn’t have a Secret Service guy on board is dead still. So those transfer bags may not make the connecting or be sitting in the weather for G*d knows how long.What most people never see at Andrews is the additional security. Guys and dogs in the woods to prevent MANPADs and the odd sniper. Speaking of snipers, I learned on here that those funny railings around the tower are for snipers as well.I know a couple of Secret Service people who were on the detail during the George Bush administration.I learned no secrets from the Secret Service I’m sure. But it’s no secret, they are very good at their jobs and work very hard.
Why hasn't anyone tried to shoot down a airplane flying out of Reagan National Airport from the Memorial Bridge in Washington, DC?
NOTE! I am not advocating or trying to help anyone shoot down an airplane in Washington D.C. I am answering a question on a web site, nothing more. First, you need to acquire a Manportable Air Defense System (MANPADS). There are many types, the Stinger, the Redeye, the various Strela models, even exotic models such as the Mistral and Blowpipe. Most are tail chasers, meaning they home in on the infra-red or heat source of an aircraft, the engine. Therefore, you want to be abreast or behind - only the most modern of those weapons are considered all aspect weapons. While most can be fired from the shoulder, some require a post system.A car needs to stop on the bridge, always a dubious adventure in rush hour, get out, open the trunk, shoulder the weapon, aim, discard the weapon, close the trunk,m get back in the car and speed off. Even if you preset everything on the weapon, there is still going to be several minutes. How many passing motorists would drive by or not call in such activity? Rather than the bridge, you would be better off finding some wooded area for cover near the airport. It would be less conspicuous and allow for a better chance for escape rather than being exposed on the bridge.All this assumes that you can get your hand on a MANPADS, learn how to use it, and not be discovered. To date, somehow, the action you have described has not occurred.
How does Ronald Reagan National Airport increase its revenue?
Airports typically earn their revenues through landing fees. These fees are then typically passed on to the travellers that use the airport in the form of higher airfares.The problem is that they must balance the level of landing fees with demand so that they dont end up pricing themselves out of business…Other forms of revenues come from vendors that operate in the facilities. They typically pay a portion of their revenues back to the Airport as part of the rent for the floor space they would use.Parking is another revenue generator as is Taxi Cab operations. Where the Airport charges a fee for cabs to operate at the facility.
Should we change the name of the Reagan national airport back to Washington?
The airport is officially known as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.Some call it Reagan National. Others call it Washington National.
Where can I find immigration and customs at the Changi Airport in Singapore? Do they require me to fill out a departure card for foreigners going out?
When you enter Singapore you fill out an arrival card when you are processed by inbound immigration. Part of that card is stapled into your passport and removed (by the immigration official) upon exit.Departure is very easy to find and there is an easy immigration departure point in each terminal. They are polite and very efficient. You go through outbound immigration and into the very best airport in the world - it is a destination in itself - with lots of shops, spas, a swimming pool, cinema, food of every type, gardens, waterfalls and competitions.Security is generally at each gate entrance (although I understand that this might be changed when Terminal 4 opens shortly).
What is the import duty on a 32-inch LED television in the Bangalore Airport?
LED/LCD TVs are not covered in the 35000 exemption. The going customs rate is ~36% of the value of the TV.Carry a bill of purchase with you, and try and convince the customs official to charge on the basis of your purchase value (although the rule says that it should be a percentage of market value in India).Also, if you are not a returning tourist, but were abroad for 6 months or more, tell them that you had purchased it for use there, and now that your assignment is over, you are bringing it back home (note, the bill should not contradict this, neither should your passport)Used CRT TVs are legally exempt if you have been staying abroad for more than 365 daysRef: 36.05 % duty on import of high-end TV sets
Should we return the name of Reagan National Airport back to Washington?
I remember back in the late '90's when the name was changed form "National Airport" to "Reagan National Airport". Having heard the former and gotten used to it, pinning the 40th president's name to it made the name feel strange, foreign, unwieldy. It just didn't roll off the tongue the way "National Airport" did.Fast forward almost 20 years and the opposite feels true: "Reagan National" feels natural and just rolls off the tongue while "National Airport" feels truncated and incomplete.I really didn't care one way or another back when the name was changed. If it were to be changed again, I'd like to suggest having the airport named after me :)
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