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What can disqualify you from border patrol?
A criminal conviction is one of the common border patrol disqualifiers. It is important to be upfront and honest about your conviction, as lying about your history will also disqualify you from the position.
What is a pre Security?
Adjective. presecurity (not comparable) Prior to the security process at an airport etc. quotations 5bc Before the introduction of security measures.
How long does it take to hear back from border patrol?
Applicants can generally expect to receive an emailed Notice of Results with a determination of eligibility within 2-3 weeks of submitting their application or after taking the Entrance Exam, if applicable.
How long does it take to get accepted into border patrol?
CBP's current average time to hire for Officers and Agents is 300 days. The Fast Track Hiring Process is aimed at reducing the time to hire to 120 days or less.
What should I wear for Border Patrol interview?
Although there are no absolute dress attire requirements when taking the SI, we can tell you that you will be meeting with 1-3 supervisory/managerial CBP Officers during the SI. The SI will be in a professional office environment where employees are either in uniform or professional attire.
How long is the Border Patrol structured interview?
thirty minutes. Allowed for questions at the end.
What is a pre security interview with Border Patrol?
The purpose of the pre-security interview function is to collect CBP applicant information and oral or written responses to questions prior to the applicant being scheduled for a CBP polygraph, which is required for certain CBP positions. The pre-security interview is a required step in the pre-employment process.
Is it hard to get hired as a Border Patrol agent?
Being a Border Patrol Agent can be both mentally and physically challenging. As a result, the application process to become a Border Patrol Agent is intentionally rigorous to ensure those selected can carry out the duties that are expected of them.
How long does CBP take to respond?
The help desk will try to respond to your inquiry within 72 hours. International callers dial. 00+1+202-325-8000. Para ayuda en español, presione ocho. If you would like to to email us, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Ask Us A Question." We will attempt to respond to you within 72 hours.
What do you need to be a Border Patrol agent?
Basic Eligibility Be a U.S. Citizen. Have a valid driver's license. Have resided in the U.S. for at least 3 of the last 5 years (military exception). Be eligible to carry a firearm.
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