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Canadian border patrol phone number Form: What You Should Know

E-mail: Intouch.GC.ca. Your Privacy Rights Your privacy is very important to the Canada Border Services Agency. Personal information collected as part of Customs and Border Protection's investigation process is used to verify identity, examine documents, or conduct rearrest and/or pre-deportation interviews, while maintaining the safety of the public and to prevent fraud. Our policies include the following; Information collection and retention The Canada Border Service Agency will never reveal, resell or share information, including your personal information, with any third parties, except as required by law. In the following cases, the information will be kept strictly confidential and only accessed by the appropriate officer and required for the investigative purpose to determine an individual's identity and/or the validity of a document. Information use You may, however, request that we use your information only for the purposes set out below. The Canada Border Service Agency cannot respond to the requests if they are for the following reasons: a) your request concerns a matter that is already in the custody of the department for investigation under an investigation program called the Border Information Program (BIG). This program is overseen by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. b) You wish to make a complaint to the BSA. c) You are a member of a group that is of interest to us. d) You would like to receive information about incidents that are in the news. e) Under the Privacy Act, you have a right to receive information about personal information that you have provided to us. f) We wish to maintain the confidentiality of your confidential information. g) We do not have the necessary information to respond. Information security It is our policy to work responsibly to ensure that data is protected from misuse, accessed, lost or altered, and that the agency will have, and will protect information that it holds as confidential from unauthorized use, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Information protection We will use the information that the Canada Border Services Agency holds in an official manner for law enforcement purposes and with due diligence to minimize disclosure of personal information. In addition, we will communicate directly to you our privacy policies and instructions on how to access and correct any personal information we hold. Disclosure of Personal Information You must provide consent before we disclose your personal information.

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Instructions and Help about Canadian border patrol phone number

Well, a Toronto lawyer wants Canadian border policy to change and is considering legal action against the federal government. This lawyer refused to give border guards access to his phone and laptops, so they seized his devices. Let's bring in Aarthi Poll who has more on this case. So, tell us what happened with this lawyer, Aarthi. This lawyer, Nick Wright, said that he had been working abroad in Colombia and Guatemala for four months. When he arrived in Canada in early April, he was flagged for additional screening by the Canada Border Services Agency. He had no issue with the screening, but then they started asking for his electronic devices and passwords. He stated that he had confidential information protected by solicitor-client privilege and could not share his passwords. In response, the border guards said they would seize his devices and crack the passwords to access the information. Nick Wright expressed his concerns and said that no reasons were provided for the seizure. He believes that as citizens of Canada, they have the right to be free from unreasonable government search and seizure. He has submitted a complaint about the incident and is planning to take legal action to change the laws surrounding border agents' power to search digital devices. Interestingly, this story is the most read on our website today, indicating that Canadians are interested in what happened to him. Now, what does the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) have to say about this incident? According to the CBSA, they have the right to search electronic devices at the border for evidence of customs-related offenses without a warrant. It is clear that there is a disagreement between the lawyer and the CBSA regarding the border search policies. This case raises important questions about privacy and the limits of border agents' power when...