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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Border patrol agent requirements

Instructions and Help about Border patrol agent requirements

Music good evening from Laredo Texas and thank you for joining us for news from a Catholic perspective i'm lauren ashburn reporting tonight on the us-mexico border we are here to see firsthand how federal agents in one part of Texas enforce immigration laws a team of about 1700 custom and Border Patrol agents monitor by water land and air there is no wall there is no fence in some locations it's simply 35 yards of the Rio Grande River we began on the water where everyday hundreds of Laredo custom border patrol agents scan 171 miles of river banks agents say they catch about a hundred a day paid guides swim with them carrying 60 to 70 pounds of supplies or drugs on their backs but some don't make it we saw this dead body on the Mexico shore if they make it across the Rio Grande their first steps are here in Laredo this way they run quickly shedding their clothes as they go climbing up the hill where someone is meeting them and at the top of the hill is a soccer field a soccer field right here that took me what minute and a half agent Adela vos a pata has been on the hunt for 16 years they'll change into their dry clothes so they'll be able to continue and blend in the city because literally he right now you have seconds two minutes to apprehend them what do you need here in order to stop this well we have our cameras we have like I said like we just came off the boat we have agents they are here they might be set up and you might not be able to see them try our best to be everywhere from the river to the road you go Charlie qo 38:47 agents raid a stash house we're smuggling groups take illegal aliens to wait for the next step on their journey they arrest a handler and five illegal immigrants as the Sun went down the night ended in a chase organized I feel that traffic go inland or back to the river the majority went into this Russia area got one this twenty seven-year-old Honduran was caught his guide escaped why do you go into the brush run down the train tracks to catch these guys it's secure America at the end of the day that's that's what it's all about this group only handles fifteen percent of the Texas border last year the border patrol here arrested just over three hundred thousand people down from the year before.

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