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I would say there's three crises occurring right now there's an operational crisis there's a humanitarian crisis and there's a policy crisis if you look at the numbers from March there was over a hundred thousand people that came across the borders roughly fifty three thousand of those individuals were family units and thirty-nine thousand were children so it's truly unprecedented the numbers that were seen come across Music the United States Border Patrol has long been under scrutiny due to allegations of mistreatment toward migrants at the border we spent a day at the us-mexico border with the Border Patrol and this is what we saw so this is one of the boundaries like this building is in Mexico okay on a hot Saturday afternoon in April u.s. Border Patrol agent Tessa Reyes gave us a tour of the border in El Paso and the surrounding area where immigrants seeking asylum turn themselves in to Border Patrol agents posted at the crossing sites so right now we're on the border kind of in the tri-state area we've got New Mexico right here we've got Texas right here and then we have right behind us is Mexico there's no fence out here there's no barriers of any kind and you guys will see I've had a lot of crossings is a very very busy area this is one of the areas where we're we're having a lot of trouble keeping up with the demand so this is Mexico and we have the municipal police every now and then you know they'll kind of help us out or whatever but for the most part we stay over here and they stay over there why not well instead I'm we should throw so who are these folks over here under the trees these look like a group either waiting to cross or they might be waiting for another part of their group they might be waiting for more people to come so that's why we have this agent out here he's kind of just waiting we usually have try to have one here at all time just because it is such a busy area and you know you never know what's gonna happen so he's kind of just reactive to whatever's going on and you can call for transport if if the group does come or when they come across no mr. kids are especially vulnerable group and we would try our darkness to to process them and get them where they need to be we're trying to keep everyone together no separations you know obviously kids are their priority and women as well we're just trying to expedite the process a little more because you know we're we're overrun how stretched is Border Patrol right now in terms of the El Paso sector is probably stretched more than it's ever been and easily the last I mean I've been here ten years I've never seen this roughly forty percent of.


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