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Border patrol salary texas Form: What You Should Know

Border Patrol Agent Pay and Benefits As an active Border Patrol Agent you make a base salary of 46,080 annually, for a total of 5.924 per hour or 32.48 per minute. Your hourly wage is determined according to whether you qualify for the Special Agent salary scale or the Border Patrol Agent pay scale. The salary scale ranges from 50,000 to 74,100.  Border Patrol Agents qualify for a range of benefits which vary by the level of your rank and job.  Border Patrol Agent Salary Trends Border Patrol Agent Salary in U.S. 64,300 2016 Border Patrol salaries for the U.S. Are projected to be 64,300. As a general trend, the average pay for an active border patrol Agent has been increasing each year for the last ten. This year will be no exception to this pattern. The following video explains why the salary increase is expected for 2017. The average annual salary for an active border patrol Agent in the U. S. is 54,907 as of August 2024 which translates to an hourly pay of 31.48.  Border Patrol Agent Jobs/Tasks Border Patrol Agents can work in multiple areas/jobs within the U.S. including Immigration/Customs, Customs/Border Protection/Patrol, and Special Response.  In addition to their border patrol jobs, Border Patrol Agents can be employed as federal officers, federal security/fire and rescue workers, U.S. marshals, and law enforcement supervisors in both the private and public sectors.   CBP-Border Patrol and Border Patrol Job Description Border Patrol Agent jobs in Texas can provide you with many other benefits including  Comprehensive health insurance which will cover your medical needs up to 500,000 per year. The health insurance can also include dental and vision. For retirees,  Pension plans allow you to earn additional retirement income.  Border Patrol Agents participate in various agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Additionally, they can receive training from various agencies.  Border Patrol Agents do not have to be in uniform. They are expected to work under the direct supervision of an agency.

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Instructions and Help about Border patrol salary texas

Good afternoon, I'd like to thank everyone for coming today. My name is Emerson Bui Bui P, and I am the special agent in charge of the tactical division of the FBI. First and foremost, I'd like to express our hearts and minds with the families and friends of the U.S. Border Patrol workforce. They have endured difficult circumstances. I would also like to introduce the agency representatives present here today. First, we have Jose Luis Gonzales, division chief of the United States Attorney's Office Western District of Texas. We also have Shaun Shavers, deputy executive director of investigation at the Customs Border Protection Office of Professional Responsibility, and Victor Velazquez, acting chief Patrol agent defense sector at the U.S. Border Patrol. Additionally, we have Hector A. Mancha, director of field operations at US Customs and Border Protection El Paso field office, as well as Rain Prevents EO, assistant director of field operations officer at Custom Border Protection. Finally, we have Orlando Allen, East Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director of the El Paso region. Now, let me provide some background information. On November 18, 2017, around 11:20 p.m. Central time, Border Patrol agents from the Van Horne station in the Big Van sector discovered two injured Border Patrol agents in a covert area near a border crossing. The injured agents were provided immediate medical care and transported to a local hospital in Van Horn. Both agents sustained gunshot injuries and other physical injuries, including broken bones. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, they were airlifted to hospitals in El Paso, Texas. The FBI is the lead agency in the investigation of the potential assault of a federal officer. We assumed this role on November 19th when it was suspected that a member of the federal law enforcement community had been...