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Why is building a wall between the US and Mexico, like Trump proposes, a bad idea? Ignoring ethics, would such a wall reduce illegal border crossings?
This wall idea is a prime example of Trump's worst MO: he constantly makes bold assertions of what he will do about this issue or that, but he is notoriously vague on specifics. For starters, he says he's going to make Mexico pay for the wall. Yet, when he's been pressed as to how he'll accomplish this, he famously skirts the question, answering only that he'll do it, just wait and see, he makes deals like no one else can. That's his answer for everything. He fired blistering criticism at Pres. Obama for how he's handled some recent terrorist acts, identifying the problem as Obama being weak and unintimidating in front of the world. Yet, when asked what would he do under such circumstances, he replied "You don't want to know what I'd do!" Um, yes, Mr. Trump, I do want to know. Do tell us how you'll handle (and prevent, as you claim) global terrorism.He says he'll be the best for women, but when asked why, how he'll be the best, his only answer has been to mention his wife and daughter. They will see to it that he's great on woman's issues, but again, he doesn't say how. Then he says he "cherishes women". Um, Donald, lusting after women is not the same as cherishing women, understanding their needs or respecting their value in society.Donald Trump. Good ol' Mr. Big Talk. Fast and loose with the outrageous claims, but convenientically lacking in giving specifics.And about your question specifically, Trump’s premise about how immigrants without legal status get into the U.S. is totally off-base. Illegal border-crossers make up only a small fraction of immigrants living in the U.S. Illegally. The vast majority come to the U.S. with a proper visa, as a tourist, to study or possibly to work short-term. The problem occurs when the visas expire and the legal visitors remain illegally, slipping under the radar. The border is already well-protected and illegal crossings have been reduced dramatically. The wall idea is absurd and would accomplish little if it was built. Trump probably knows this, too, but is feeding less-knowledgeable Americans• fears and misconceptions.
How does the U.S. Border Patrol pick and choose who to stop at the checkpoint?
I was picked up by border security agency so here what I think…RandomPurposefullyIt's kinda tricky as they don't pick up people randomly to check but it's basically the background for the people whom they target purposely. It can be easily excused under “we search people randomly” all the time.Random selection is still not random. They must be looking atFirst timersImmigration purpose crossingsDressing in a way that catches the eyeBeing beautiful/handsomeBeing a jerk right off the bat.Now, every country has specific countries in its black list whom they check more strictly compare to other people.Now, it doesn't matter who you are, your selection will be based on the sole discretion of the officer. Anything can tick in his mind as “bit off” so they pick people up …What ticks an officer’s mind..Why are you scanning your surrounding constantly?Why are you changing your way upon officer being on your way?Why are you keep looking at your luggage?Why do you have so few or so much stuff with you?Why do you look like a junkie?Why are you taking too much time to put your bag on the scanner?Why you keep looking for something in your pockets?Why are you so attentively listening to the questions being asked to the person before you?Why are you on your phone constantly even after a long flight?Why did you hesitated when an officer asked you a simple question?Why are you giving long answers or explanation for everything?Why are you over friendly with the officers but don't talk shit to fellow passengers?Why are you so tensed?Why are you so relax?The most important question isWhy I shouldn't stop you?It's not about qualifying for reasons to stop you but qualifying for the reasons not to stop you.
How hard is it to become a border patrol agent?
Right now, very.U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Border Patrol’s parent agency, has been the victim of a too-ambitious hiring binge. For the last twenty years, with a big spike after 9/11, the Border Patrol and U.S. Customs Service (the two were merged into CBP in 2022. have been hiring agents and officers at an unprecedented rate. Pressured to get all those new folks on the job, there were some compromises in hiring standards, background investigations, training requirements, and a vacuum of qualified supervisory personnel as the experienced people were pushed into supervisory roles, whether they were ready and suited for those jobs or not.The result is that CBP has become arguably the country’s most corrupt law enforcement agency, with at least one agent arrested per month for over 11 years. The problem is aggravated by low morale, stemming from enforcement and engagement rules that run hot and cold from one week to the next, officers frequently stationed in remote, inhospitable locations, and the large amounts of money available to any agent who agrees to look the other way at designated times and places.One of CBP’s responses has been to make extensive use of the polygraph for screening new applicants, and to fail two out of three applicants on the polygraph. Rather than screening out dishonest candidates, it’s far more likely that the polygraph examiners are being too harsh on false positives for deception.Use of the polygraph is highly controversial. It’s hardly a foolproof device, and the efficacy of a polygraph examination varies directly with the experience and competence of the polygraph examiner. It is no substitute for a thorough background investigation (BI), but it is cheaper and faster than a BI, and the temptation to rely on it too heavily is strong when there is pressure to hire lots of new bodies.There are bunches of far less-troubled law enforcement agencies trying to hire new people right now. If I was looking for a law enforcement job, the Border Patrol would be pretty far down my list of options.
Is the White House order giving the military troops orders to use lethal force along the US/Mexican correct in a legal or moral sense?
The use of lethal force is always available for self-defense, whether armed or not.The President doesn’t need to “authorize” it, it exists by law, regulation, and civil right…Self-defense includes the defense of others, so an armed, or unarmed, soldier at the border who witnesses an attack on anyone, anyone at all, is duty-bound to come to assistance (or perform another action such as get help or act as a witness) of the victim.If an armed soldier witnessed someone shooting or beating another soldier, or a civilian, or a Federal officer or employee, then based on the circumstances, that soldier has to make a decision as to whether lethal force is authorized.Such decisions are built into the rules of engagement provided to soldiers during any deployment such as this, as well as military and civil law and regulations.(EDIT: ROE’S APPLY OUTSIDE THE US, INSIDE THE US THERE ARE ALWAYS STANDING RULES FOR USE OF FORCE [RUF], THAT ARE MODIFIED BY THE COMBATANT COMMANDER [NORTHCOM INSIDE CONUS] AND THE SECDEF AS NECESSARY. SEE: https://fas.org/irp/doddir/dod/d... and http://www.jag.navy.mil/distrib/...)
When you enter the US, can the border patrol see how long you are out of the country?
It depends. When you fly out of the country, your passport information is often logged by the airlines for pre-screening purposes at your destination. Your passport is also usually stamped by the countries you visited.When you travel across the border on the ground to Canada or Mexico passport information is rarely, if ever, recorded. In that case Cust of the border patrol have no way of knowing how long you are gone.I frequently walk across the border into Mexico. Sometimes they ask how long I’ve been in Mexico, sometimes they do not.
I was treated horribly by U.S. border patrol. How can I get the media to cover this incident?
If large market media won't pick it up, go to local. If you get a good writer and have given honest account with names, dates, etc. larger outlets may pick it up. It's possible border patrol might be forced to deal with the complaint if media started calling for their if the story. So keep going until you find a journalist  or blogger willing to give you a write up.
Should European border patrols shoot at refugees to keep them out?
A refugee status is clearly defined and hard to obtain. If they are really refugees, that is people persecuted in neighbour country, then there’s a Geneva convention that calls to help them. But, if it an armed, hostile mob attacking a border, then no doubt, the border needs to be protected using appropriate means.
What's it like to be a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent on the Mexican Border?
To become a Border Patrol Agent one must be a United States Citizen. One must have a valid Drivers license. You must pass the entrance exam. You must be able to fulfill the job duties and Your resume must include the skills that they require : 1} Reasoning Skills, 2) The ability to speak Spanish or to Learn to speak Spanish, 3) The ability to Pass the Urine and Drug test, 4) You must be 37 years of age or younger, 5) You must stand before the Panel and answer questions ( autonomy), 6) You must be able to handle Stressful Situations.From what I have seen the day to day life of the Border Patrol Agent is not only Stressful , but it is also dangerous. They are dealing with people that are in dire situations to get to the best country in the world. We take this country for granted. We get to speak our mind , we get to protest without anyone punishing us. If we are hungry , we are fed By our government, and by our churches. Yet no one appreciates it. If we are ill , there is free medical care. If we need a place to live , there is housing available.There are thousands of people in America living off of our government. In other countries if you do not have a home then you live in the street or in a cardboard box. The homeless here in America do so because they are Mentally ill and some person decided that we were violating their civil rights so they let them out of the State Hospital. In the end the ill lost and now they are out in the streets. So why do we listen to these people that have nothing to do but think of these things. All that they do is meddle and hurt these people. They should volunteer and help them. They should do something worthwhile. We do not appreciate what we have . In this country not only do our children go to school for free , they get free uniforms , free lunch and they get food sent home with them on the weekends. People get free phones and they get free rides to and from the doctor. Yet they complain because they have to wait a couple of hours. If they would see how other people have to walk 10 to 20 miles to see a doctor then they would stop complaining and see how fortunate they are.The Border Patrol Agents also deal with the Drugs . They deal with the men and women crossing the drugs over to America because our country has become lost to the world of Drugs. It is so sad for us. Grown men and women, Grandparents and worse of all our youth has spiraled out of control to this bad habit. May GOD help us all . May GOD help our Border Patrol Agents and May the President of the United States put an end to the crossing of all the illegal activity to our Beautiful Country.To All the Border Patrol Agents I Praise You for Your Service. If You Decide to Join Them , I wish You Luck and I Thank You for Your Bravery.
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