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Instructions and Help about Border patrol benefits

Border patrol agents are tasked with guarding our country from illegal activity and providing aid to those in need their top priority is keeping terrorists and their weapons from entering the united states while at the same time welcoming legitimate travelers border patrol officers and agents prevent illegal immigration human trafficking narcotics smuggling and other illegal goods from entering the united states in fact over the past several months thousands of pounds of illegal drugs have been seized by border control agents these drugs include cocaine heroin meth and fentanyl thousands of pounds of marijuana were also seized it is still illegal on the federal level to possess marijuana but that could be changing pretty soon border patrol agents also apprehend gang members in 2022 363 gang members were apprehended even with the pandemic going on meanwhile in 2022 976 gang members were apprehended so there was a 30 drop in gang-related apprehensions during the pandemic border patrol agents also respond to sensor alarms they interpret tracks and markings and they communicate with people trying to illegally come to this country the roles of border patrol agents have changed over time the border patrol was actually established in 1924 under the calvin coolidge administration it's kind of weird to think about now but initially the border patrol was actually placed under the department of labor two actions actually led to the formation of the border patrol in 1924 the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and the immigration act of 1924 border patrol agents during prohibition were tasked with stopping the sale distribution and production of alcohol back then they were paid 1 680 per year and they were given a badge and revolver to uphold the law until 1933 border patrol agents apprehended bootleggers and smugglers until prohibition ended prohibition lasted for about 13 years and then magically in 1934 it was okay to sell and produce alcohol once again the immigration act of 1924 was the second reason that the border patrol was formed before 1924 there was actually no numerical limit on immigration to the united states in some years millions of people would flow through ellis island and this is during a period of time when the u.s population wasn't that big the immigration act of 1924 severely limited the number of immigrants from certain countries based off race ethnicity and nationality this act prevented vast amounts of italians jews people in eastern europe and asians from entering and immigrating to the united states and even during world war ii this act prevented people from fleeing the war and coming to america but even after the 1924 illegal immigration act occurred people were still interested in coming into the united states and immigrating to the united states either legally or illegally and thus the border patrol was established the immigration act of 1924 ended in 1965 a full 41 years later and the u.s no longer limits immigrants based off of race nationality and ...

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