Border patrol pay scale 2021
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Border patrol pay scale 2021

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Bill teens kicking down doors rounding up bad guys even firing guns on a mission it may sound a lot like a video game but it's not Eyewitness News reporter Oscar Morgaine and photojournalist Jose Sanchez were embedded with a team of teenagers training to become border agents they're on my side in Brownsville Texas at an undisclosed to Border Patrol facility these teens are opening doors busting their way into a future in law enforcement training for the day they put their lives on the line as flawless as this active shooter drill may look not everything these young explorers do it's perfect as Border Patrol agent and lead adviser Antonio Valdez points out so you guys are good the only thing ma'am we don't use the terminology dead doctors well this reminds them that every call they make has consequences what I want them to build that self-confidence leadership skills I want them to break out of that she'll mistakes need correcting if they're ever to become federal agents you see the sign you can tell how old it is depending on your experience of arbitration just 11 months ago at Mila Rubio was an explorer graduating from the program and diving straight into the Border Patrol Academy at age 19 Rubio is now a field agent stopping drugs and people from coming through the border illegally from the exercises to the handcuffed techniques officer presents so everything was familiar except over here was the actual job these explorers don't gather around campfires to sing Kumbaya they have a strict weekly schedule go through rigorous physical exercises and hands-on activities from fingerprint forensics the actual firearm shooting nothing short of basic military training nearly half a million teens and children were enrolled in one of 6700 explore posts and clubs in 2021 though not all our law enforcement focused or as intense all occupants in the vehicle let me see your hands this Border Patrol explorers post in Brownsville created in 2021 do it now is recognized by the agency as one of their best in competition sometimes you can be holding the microphone and a gun so both of your hands your tires so your lots going through your mind we try to make it as realistic as possible so it does get adrenaline pumping it does give us like a WoW like this does really happen and people really have to train for this on ie forget oh and Joshua a lawyer or at different stages in the program law yes in high school while figure dough is about to finish college both have different interests but ever since signing up with the Explorers they've considered a career in law enforcement everybody gets to experience what it feels like being a team leader they get to realize what it feels like in the real world to get all that pressure and so when they go out in the future career that we know what to.


Do border patrol agents operate using the GS pay scale? If so what GS level are the agents you normally see manning the border?
I don’t know what the current pay grades are, but yes, Border Patrol and CBP are both paid on the government-wide GS scales. “Back in the day” (forty or more years ago) Customs Inspectors (now called CBP Officers) were paid GS-9 for journeyman inspectors. PI’s (Patrol Inspectors, later renamed PA, Patrol Agents) were paid GS-8 levels. Supervisory Customs Inspectors (and some non-supervisory) were paid GS-11 at the border. Airport and Seaport Supervisors were GS-12’s and Chief Inspectors were GS-13’s. I believe since then the CBP Officers journeyman grade has been increased to GS-11 and all supervisors are GS-12. No idea what the Border Patrol has done, but probably raised it a grade level too.
With 1,800 unfilled Border Patrol positions that can't be filled, wouldn't significantly increasing their pay do more for border security than a wall?
I just read a really really good article about this. I doubt many even have a clue.Yes, the Customs and Border Patrol agency has not been able to recruit even close to the numbers of agents they need now for many years. Many reasons for it could actually be fixed with the money they just wasted. Wasted by hiring an outside firm to find new recruits. In 6 months they only found 2 and received 13 Million for doing so.That 13 million could pay the agents already doing the job real overtime. Do many know that border patrol agents can be forced to work overtime but only receive regular per hour pay.13 million could help build better housing in the areas they are sent to patrol. Many places where border the border patrol is stationed, have such terrible housing availability that almost no family man would ever consider bringing their family along so they won’t consider the border patrol as an option for employment.One of the other reasons for such low recruitment numbers is that they have what they call the most severe level of lie detector test that they have to pass. So severe, few pass it. Yes, I want good people patrolling the border. No more rape and murder by patrol agents. Yes, I know that is something that has only happened a hand full of times, but I would love for it to never happen again. Thing is, this lie detector test didn’t weed those people out and it sure seems to be an impediment to finding new people to train. They need to take a serious look at their recruitment process to start with. Then work to try and fix the other issues.My question this morning to myself was…….if they have had the funding to do recruitment and hire more agents, what has happened to that money? Something that absolutely should be thoroughly investigated.
How is border security in the U.S. going to be affected with the government shutdown and groups such as FBI and border patrol going without pay?
And the Coast Guard. They aren't getting paid, either.And you know what the Coast Guard does, among other things? They catch drug smugglers.For some reason, Trump seems to think the wall is critical for border security and drug interdiction, but that the PEOPLE who actually do the job of border security and drug interdiction *aren't* so critical.I guess he also thinks that their votes won't be critical to him in 2021.
How does the U.S. Border Patrol pick and choose who to stop at the checkpoint?
I was picked up by border security agency so here what I think…RandomPurposefullyIt's kinda tricky as they don't pick up people randomly to check but it's basically the background for the people whom they target purposely. It can be easily excused under “we search people randomly” all the time.Random selection is still not random. They must be looking atFirst timersImmigration purpose crossingsDressing in a way that catches the eyeBeing beautiful/handsomeBeing a jerk right off the bat.Now, every country has specific countries in its black list whom they check more strictly compare to other people.Now, it doesn't matter who you are, your selection will be based on the sole discretion of the officer. Anything can tick in his mind as “bit off” so they pick people up …What ticks an officer’s mind..Why are you scanning your surrounding constantly?Why are you changing your way upon officer being on your way?Why are you keep looking at your luggage?Why do you have so few or so much stuff with you?Why do you look like a junkie?Why are you taking too much time to put your bag on the scanner?Why you keep looking for something in your pockets?Why are you so attentively listening to the questions being asked to the person before you?Why are you on your phone constantly even after a long flight?Why did you hesitated when an officer asked you a simple question?Why are you giving long answers or explanation for everything?Why are you over friendly with the officers but don't talk shit to fellow passengers?Why are you so tensed?Why are you so relax?The most important question isWhy I shouldn't stop you?It's not about qualifying for reasons to stop you but qualifying for the reasons not to stop you.
Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?
NOOOOOOO. You are talking to a military romance scammer. I received an email from the US Army that directly answers your question that is pasted below please keep reading.I believe you are the victim of a military Romance Scam whereas the person you are talking to is a foreign national posing as an American Soldier claiming to be stationed overseas on a peacekeeping mission. That's the key to the scam they always claim to be on a peacekeeping mission.Part of their scam is saying that they have no access to their money that their mission is highly dangerous.If your boyfriend girlfriend/future husband/wife is asking you to do the following or has exhibited this behavior, it is a most likely a scam:Moves to private messaging site immediately after meeting you on Facebook or SnapChat or Instagram or some dating or social media site. Often times they delete the site you met them on right after they asked you to move to a more private messaging siteProfesses love to you very quickly & seems to quote poems and song lyrics along with using their own sort of broken language, as they profess their love and devotion quickly. They also showed concern for your health and love for your family.Promises marriage as soon as he/she gets to state for leave that they asked you to pay for.They Requests money (wire transfers) and Amazon, iTune ,Verizon, etc gift cards, for medicine, religious practices, and leaves to come home, internet access, complete job assignments, help sick friend, get him out of trouble, or anything that sounds fishy.The military does prall the soldier needs including food medical Care and transportation for leave. Trust me, I lived it, you are probably being scammed. I am just trying to show you examples that you are most likely being connned.Below is an email response I received after I sent an inquiry to the US government when I discovered I was scammed. I received this wonderful response back with lots of useful links on how to find and report your scammer. And how to learn more about Romance Scams.Right now you can also copy the picture he gave you and do a google image search and you will hopefully see the pictures of the real person he is impersonating. this doesn't always work and take some digging. if you find the real person you can direct message them and alert them that their image is being used for scamming.Good Luck to you and I'm sorry this may be happening to you. please continue reading the government response I received below it's very informative.   You have contacted an email that is monitored by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. Unfortunately, this is a common concern. We assure you there is never any reason to send money to anyone claiming to be a Soldier online. If you have only spoken with this person online, it is likely they are not a U.S. Soldier at all. If this is a suspected imposter social media profile, we urge you to report it to that platform as soon as possible. Please continue reading for more resources and answers to other frequently asked questions:  How to report an imposter Facebook profile: Caution- Caution-   Answers to frequently asked questions:  - Soldiers and their loved ones are not charged money so that the Soldier can go on leave.  - Soldiers are not charged money for secure communications or leave.  - Soldiers do not need permission to get married.  - Soldiers emails are in this format: Caution-mailto: anything ending in .us or .com is not an official email account.  - Soldiers have medical insurance, which pays for their medical costs when treated at civilian health care facilities worldwide – family and friends do not need to pay their medical expenses.  - Military aircraft are not used to transport Privately Owned Vehicles.  - Army financial offices are not used to help Soldiers buy or sell items of any kind.  - Soldiers deployed to Combat Zones do not need to solicit money from the public to feed or house themselves or their troops.  - Deployed Soldiers do not find large unclaimed sums of money and need your help to get that money out of the country.  Anyone who tells you one of the above-listed conditions/circumstances is true is likely posing as a Soldier and trying to steal money from you.  We would urge you to immediately cease all contact with this individual.  For more information on avoiding online scams and to report this crime, please see the following sites and articles:   This article may help clarify some of the tricks social media scammers try to use to take advantage of people: Caution- Caution-   CID advises vigilance against 'romance scams,' scammers impersonating Soldiers  Caution- Caution-   FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center: Caution- Caution-   U.S. Army investigators warn public against romance scams: Caution- Caution-   DOD warns troops, families to be cybercrime smart -Caution- Caution-   Use caution with social networking  Caution- Caution-    Please see our frequently asked questions section under scams and legal issues. Caution- Caution- or visit Caution- Caution- .  The challenge with most scams is determining if an individual is a legitimate member of the US Army. Based on the Privacy Act of 1974, we cannot prthis information. If concerned about a scam you may contact the Better Business Bureau (if it involves a solicitation for money), or local law enforcement. If you're involved in a Facebook or dating site scam, you are free to contact us direct, (571) 305-4056.   If you have a social security number, you can find information about Soldiers online at Caution- Caution- . While this is a free search, it does not help you locate a retiree, but it can tell you if the Soldier is active duty or not.  If more information is needed such as current duty station or location, you can contact the Commander Soldier's Records Data Center (SRDC) by phone or mail and they will help you locate individuals on active duty only, not retirees. There is a fee of $3.50 for businesses to use this service. The check or money order must be made out to the U.S. Treasury. It is not refundable. The address is:  Commander Soldier's Records Data Center (SRDC) 8899 East 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46249-5301 Phone: 1-866-771-6357  In addition, it is not possible to remove social networking site profiles without legitimate proof of identity theft or a scam. If you suspect fraud on this site, take a screenshot of any advances for money or impersonations and report the account on the social networking platform immediately.  Please submit all information you have on this incident to Caution- (FBI website, Internet Criminal Complaint Center), immediately stop contact with the scammer (you are potentially providing them more information which can be used to scam you), and learn how to protect yourself against these scams at Caution- Caution- (Federal Trade Commission's website)
Why don't we take the troops out of Afghanistan and use them for the border patrol, wouldn't it be nicer to use the money to pay people instead of building a wall?
This is not a good idea. I agree that building a wall isn’t such a hot idea. But there are hundreds of things the US has been doing to reduce illegal immigration and most of them are working (illegal immigration in to the US has been going down for 9 consecutive years now).Military are not police. When you ask the military to be policemen you degrade their capability as troops and you put them in a position they are not trained for (unless you specifically put MP units on the border).It’s illegal. Posse Comitatus prohibits the US Army from engaging in law enforcement on US territory (except for military bases where they can enforce the law on-base).The troops are needed in Afghanistan.Migration happens for push and pull factors. Putting more guards (regardless of who they are) on the border doesn’t affect any of the push or pull factors.Senior Brass have already testified before Congress that putting troops on the border has reduced force readiness. What the American public doesn’t get is that when you’re deployed you don’t get many opportunities to train. And when you’re back in the States and then deployed to the border, that is even less time to train and refit.
How hard is it to become a border patrol agent?
Right now, very.U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Border Patrol’s parent agency, has been the victim of a too-ambitious hiring binge. For the last twenty years, with a big spike after 9/11, the Border Patrol and U.S. Customs Service (the two were merged into CBP in 2021. have been hiring agents and officers at an unprecedented rate. Pressured to get all those new folks on the job, there were some compromises in hiring standards, background investigations, training requirements, and a vacuum of qualified supervisory personnel as the experienced people were pushed into supervisory roles, whether they were ready and suited for those jobs or not.The result is that CBP has become arguably the country’s most corrupt law enforcement agency, with at least one agent arrested per month for over 11 years. The problem is aggravated by low morale, stemming from enforcement and engagement rules that run hot and cold from one week to the next, officers frequently stationed in remote, inhospitable locations, and the large amounts of money available to any agent who agrees to look the other way at designated times and places.One of CBP’s responses has been to make extensive use of the polygraph for screening new applicants, and to fail two out of three applicants on the polygraph. Rather than screening out dishonest candidates, it’s far more likely that the polygraph examiners are being too harsh on false positives for deception.Use of the polygraph is highly controversial. It’s hardly a foolproof device, and the efficacy of a polygraph examination varies directly with the experience and competence of the polygraph examiner. It is no substitute for a thorough background investigation (BI), but it is cheaper and faster than a BI, and the temptation to rely on it too heavily is strong when there is pressure to hire lots of new bodies.There are bunches of far less-troubled law enforcement agencies trying to hire new people right now. If I was looking for a law enforcement job, the Border Patrol would be pretty far down my list of options.
Is the White House order giving the military troops orders to use lethal force along the US/Mexican correct in a legal or moral sense?
The use of lethal force is always available for self-defense, whether armed or not.The President doesn’t need to “authorize” it, it exists by law, regulation, and civil right…Self-defense includes the defense of others, so an armed, or unarmed, soldier at the border who witnesses an attack on anyone, anyone at all, is duty-bound to come to assistance (or perform another action such as get help or act as a witness) of the victim.If an armed soldier witnessed someone shooting or beating another soldier, or a civilian, or a Federal officer or employee, then based on the circumstances, that soldier has to make a decision as to whether lethal force is authorized.Such decisions are built into the rules of engagement provided to soldiers during any deployment such as this, as well as military and civil law and regulations.(EDIT: ROE’S APPLY OUTSIDE THE US, INSIDE THE US THERE ARE ALWAYS STANDING RULES FOR USE OF FORCE [RUF], THAT ARE MODIFIED BY THE COMBATANT COMMANDER [NORTHCOM INSIDE CONUS] AND THE SECDEF AS NECESSARY. SEE: and
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