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Instructions and Help about Us border patrol salary

In this nighttime video from the Border Patrol you can see a bus in Mexico dropping off dozens of migrants and then they simply walk across a remote stretch of the Arizona border marked only with a small fence this is where to happen that's Mexico right there and exactly where the undocumented immigrants were dropped off and then walked right here to the US side of the border I think you can ask any Border Patrol agent here that has been around from one year to thirty years as myself and they'll tell you that this is a crisis earlier this week more than three hundred undocumented immigrants crossed illegally near Yuma Smuggler's burrowed under the border fence to slide them through we see large groups of family units and unaccompanied children and it's created this backlog in the immigration system but overall apprehensions at the southwest border have plummeted over the last two decades in the Tucson Sector alone a drop for more than six hundred thousand to just 52,000 last year is there a crisis on the border yes there is Jeffrey self is the acting chief of the Border Patrol in Tucson he says the crisis is humanitarian because although the overall numbers are lower his agents are seeing more families from Central America he says they take longer to process is the stand that the president is taking worth it we're in a political organization we execute our orders from the executive office I can only tell you from in from focusing on field operations that you know border security is imperative to this nation whether all this really adds up to a crisis is the central question of this shutdown amid the debate the Border Patrol is nearly 20,000 agents are among the federal employees still working without pay pay NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.


When you enter the US, can the border patrol see how long you are out of the country?
It depends. When you fly out of the country, your passport information is often logged by the airlines for pre-screening purposes at your destination. Your passport is also usually stamped by the countries you visited.When you travel across the border on the ground to Canada or Mexico passport information is rarely, if ever, recorded. In that case Cust of the border patrol have no way of knowing how long you are gone.I frequently walk across the border into Mexico. Sometimes they ask how long Iu2019ve been in Mexico, sometimes they do not.
How many drones will it take to patrol the 2,000 mile US-Mexico border?
Drones are irrelevant to this discussion unless they can use force to stop illegal immigrants. And I havenu2019t heard anyone say letu2019s take the armed drones weu2019ve used to kill people in drone strikes since the Obama administration on the US-Mexico border.US defense contractor Raytheon build a long stretch of sensor pylons around 2022 they called a u201csmart fenceu201d. It had tons of sensors. It was useless and did nothing but report crossings because we couldnu2019t get Border Patrol agents there to arrest people.That is the benefit of a wall - it works continuously. It can be part of an entire infrastructure system to prevent people driving through and climbing over. In the case of the Saudi border wall around Yemen and the Iraqi border, both to stop waves of refugees and terrorists, they had a series of angled ditches that stop a truck trying to ram through as well as prevent ladders from being leaned against the wall.Walls have another benefit - once it is built, it stands. You donu2019t have to worry about maintaining diligence and enforcement the way an army of drones has to be backed by an army of immigration officials. Or someone in a later administration abandoning their obligations to defend said border.
Does border patrol stop animals from crossing the border? Let's say a moose wants to cross the river that separates US from Canada, would border patrol attempt to stop it?
All Moose have dual Citizenship, so they aloud to cross the border without any restriction.Most if wild life from Canada and USA has dual citizenship, and is the same for all of them like with the moose. they all have right to free transit from Canada to U.S.A.There is only one that has a restrictions.Polar Bear, this bears are only allot into Alaska, and Canada, but not into any other U.S.A. state, special cases apply for Polar bears in U.S.A. Zoos, they a especial work VISA and this allow them to come into any Zoo in the U.S.A.Sorry, forgot about the Canadian Lynx, Canadian Lynx also need especial Visa, like they have the Canadian as part of their name, and they did not want to get rid of it (the U.S.A. suggested a change to North American Lynx, but they refuse), the U.S.A. government imposed a sanction on them and they required a VISA to go into U.S.A. territory, even Alaska.
Do you support US border patrol agents pouring out water left in the desert by sympathizers, for migrants seeking to come to America?
Yes. Itu2019s irresponsible of those groups to place that water out there in the first place.Let me lay out a silly little example: Imagine a group of people standing on one end of a football fieldu2022 filled with lions. These lions have nothing to eat but people that happen across that field. Now imagine some guy placing a million dollars on one end of the field. Some of those idiots are going to try and get that money at the end of the field. The money is the water, the lions are the desert if you didnu2019t get the part.That water isnu2019t really saving any lives. A border patrol vehicle is so much easier to find then a few jugs of water on the ground.These people arenu2019t using gps units with grids of where each water cache happens to be. Leaving water out in the desert is encouraging people to make a journey they shouldnu2019t be making in the first place. If they want to endanger themselves, fine but dragging kids through that?! Disgusting.Imagine if these water caches were actually relied on(they arenu2019t), group A comes through, drinks all the water leaving empties all over the place along with all their other trash and moves on. Group B comes through, all of water is gone and according to this theory, dies. Border patrol didnu2019t do anything wrong, greedy group A did!If someone is dying in the desert, they can find the last dirt road they crossed and sit there til the next shift drives by, if they canu2019t find that, look for a rescue beacon of which there are hundreds, if they canu2019t find either of those and canu2019t spot a truck then they sure as hell arenu2019t going to spot a few bottles of water on the ground and keep on trucking to prosperity in the USA.Crossing through the desert is serious business, if you arenu2019t healthy enough to carry your own water then you arenu2019t going to make it because someone left some water on the ground in hopes that you stumble upon it.
What would happen to me, as a US citizen, if I crossed the US border from Mexico not through a sanctioned border checkpoint and border patrol caught me?
That would be the Mexican border patrol, since the US border patrol cannot enforce anything on the other side. They would treat the incursion very seriously. They would likely assume you are dangerous, a mental patient, and/or a terrorist. You would be in their custody until they figured out which ones you are, and you would be at severe risk of going to a Mexican jail. This is something you never want to do. Many Mexican jails do not even feed prisoners, instead they are expected to have a family member bring food, clothing and other necessary supplies daily. Unless you have someone who can fulfill that capacity for you, you will be at the mercy of their system. That said, before 9/11 I took a rowboat over from Texas' Big Bend National Park to a tiny Mexican town named Boquillas. It was common to take this day trip, have lunch and a wonderful Mexican Coke made with real sugar, and rowboat back. Recently this rowboat crossing was re-opened with border patrol agents using remote technology. (Link: Border crossing in Big Bend breathes new life into tiny town Boquillas)I've also gone river rafting on the Rio Grande, again before 9/11, and the rafts sometimes stop on either side of the border for breaks, lunch, etc. I presume these rafting companies still do this. I believe we carried our passports on us in case we were confronted.
Are US border patrol allowed to go into Mexico?
As private citizens, sure, provided they have a passport and leave their guns at home. Many vacation there, Iu2019m sure.You mean to chase migrants or use their guns? No. Mexico is not the US, so US government dependencies are meaningless the second they step foot across the border.Thatu2019s evident in the u201cUSu201d part of u201cUS Border Patrolu201d.Itu2019s called u201cjurisdictionu201d. Nothing that says u201cUSu201d has jurisdiction over Mexico, just like the decisions of the Mexican u201cInstituto Nacional de Migraciu00f3nu201d have weight in Mexico but are mostly meaningless within the US.The US Border patrol could work and coordinate with the Instituto Nacional de Migraciu00f3n. And they probably already do, even routinely. But that cooperation, when in Mexico, is within the Mexican legal framework. And migrants - from any country - on the Mexican side of the border are breaking exactly zero laws, as Mexico allows all persons freedom of movement, entering and exiting Mexican territory, as guaranteed by Mexican constitutional Article 11.El Respeto al Derecho Ajeno es la Paz (Respect for the rights of others is peace) - Benito Juu00e1rez.
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